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Squirrel quilt is DONE!

Snoopy approved

This is for Baby “Squirrel”, a little boy or girl we expect to arrive any day! Knowing how hard it was to find a squirrel invite for Squirrel’s baby shower, I was shocked that I was able to find Kate Spain’s Central Park fabric including this adorable SQUIRREL!


I blogged earlier about my process and progress on the squirrel quilt at This week’s project. I should have taken a picture of when I was quilting, because there was one point where I was forcing nearly the entire bulk of the quilt through that SMALL area to the right of Flossy’s (the sewing machine’s) needle – it was ridiculous.

But the end result of fighting through the quilting is this zig-zag pattern, that you see better on the soft minky side of the quilt (I want a blanket made of this stuff! In the words of the little girl from Despicable Me, “it’s so fluffy!”)

Zig Zag

I’m so excited to send this off to Squirrel’s parents.

I did what?

As I was enjoying dim sum on a Saturday morning, I was kinda surprised when the phrase “I think I want to learn how to quilt” came out of my mouth as I was talking to my friend Erin.  Sure, the idea had been rolling around in my mind for a bit, but I’d had ideas like this before.  The sewing machine sitting in my closet for 4 years?  Afraid to use it.  I didn’t even know I could sew a straight line, let alone put a whole quilt together.  I’d watched my mom sew, and spent plenty of time in fabric stores with her (mostly in search of the newest Snoopy fabric – she makes me an apron or pajamas out of all new releases!) but hadn’t quite picked up too much of how to actually make anything.

So what did Erin and I do?  The most logical thing ever – we headed into the depths of the LA fabric district in search of fabric to make a quilt.  Focus on the word “fabric” – I didn’t even know what kind of fabric I needed!  We ventured into one of Erin’s favorite stores for buying fabrics for making clothes, and the owner took pity on me.  She explained that I needed to start with a decent weight cotton.  We trudged on, finally found some fabrics that I didn’t think were heinous, and picked up 10 yards for $20.

Then I ventured to JoAnn’s, found a quilting book, cutting mat and rotary cutter and various other things.  Would I actually use this stuff?  Who knew?

And that’s how it all began, one sunny Saturday in October.